Become a BIG BOSS as well as a RICHEST MAN in the WW2!

Official Launch on: 2019/10/10
Open Beta is live! It will be great if you can help us test it

Welcome to Idle War Tycoon!

Strategy game and Idle game

Inspired by the World War II, when the warring nations determined to develop a strong economy to invest in building their own military, it was possible to expand quickly, also to compensate for the losses caused by the war.

Idle War Tycoon is a combination of creativity and audacity, an unique concept which has never had before among the currently typical game genres are: Strategy game and Idle game. In game, you will have very "cool" and addictive experience but not easy to achieve because it made you feel very "twisted brain" when performing the main tasks included: Building a combination of their factories to exploit gold and diamonds (converted into money equivalent), then use that money to invest in building your military to become the strongest, expand and attack the enemy on the opposite side of the front line to expand your land.

It is an arduous journey for the players who dare to risk and persevere to be able to reach the ultimate glory - Become the Big Boss of the War Tycoons and have your massive inheritance!

With the passion of Zygote Game Studio, we are sure that Idle War Tycoon will enthrall you with compelling game script, enrichment missions and excellent, eye-catching design.

Get ready to conquer the World with Idle War Tycoon!

Invest smart - 9/10 point
Strategy - 9/10 point
Graphic design - 8/10 point

Build your empire

Invest smartly to grow your economy, build command center and control your military to achieve a winning, destroy your enemies.

Build & Upgrade Your Military

Train your soldiers, upgrade weapons, optimize defense system, attack enemy and protect your land.

Varied military tactics

Attack your enemies by using your soldiers, tanks, aircrafts, military convoys and weapons. Players can get a real terrible war experience.


Official Launch on: 2019/10/10
Open Beta is live. Download now!


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